Coyote Dave (coyotedave) wrote in stealthcamping,
Coyote Dave

My First Geocache Adventure

I've finally yielded to the temptation to buy a hand held GPS, an eTrex Legend. I got it for trail mapping -- showing people where I've been. However, I've also wanted to try some geocache searching.

In May, 2005, PlasteredDragon hid an ammo box in Coggshall Park, Krotan's Aerie. Dozens of people each year, aided by GPS units, find the box, sign the log, exchange trinkets. It's only three-quarter miles from my house, so an easy first cache for me.

Hidden in a rocky cavern

The treasure box

Coincidentally, my first stealth camping night was only yards from another geocache. I'm gonna have to go back and find that one.
Tags: fitness, geocaching, gps, hiking
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