Coyote Dave (coyotedave) wrote in stealthcamping,
Coyote Dave

My First Stealth Camping Night

I was here: Google Map: Pine Hill, Coggshall Park.

It's only about a mile from my house; easy overnighter with my daypack. Two liters of water, no food. Explored the park for a couple of hours -- the early blueberries are nummy. Took too long to find a good spot, so tied up using my headlamp.

I'd hoped that my light 45 degree fleece bag would be ok for a mild night in my clothes. No. With the low sinking to the upper 50s, I added my car shade mylar+foam pad, bandanna head cover and my backup space blanket. Need to see if I can fit my fluffy sleeping bag on that pack.

Clear sky, so tried using my tarp in the stuff bag for a pillow. Not comfortable. Maybe try something inflatable next time.

Of course, when you're cold at night, you pee a lot. I wanted to get away from the hammock, but I was also concerned about losing it in the dark. My headlamp has a flashing mode, so I hung it on a tree as a return beacon. Used my tiny backup light for walking. Seems dangerously high tech. What do other people do to keep from getting lost in the dark?
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